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Advanced cooling technology to fall asleep faster

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Customizable Technology

Infused with the latest innovation to help you fall asleep faster

100 night mattress trial

Sleep on it in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t love it, send it back.

Made in America

All products are 100% designed & manufactured in the USA for your best night’s sleep.

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This is One Smart Mattress

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Support Layer

Durable, long lasting support without compromising comfort


Ultra-soft fabric infused with Cooling Technology and natural fibers

Comfort Layer

Opti-Breeze foam combines the best elements of latex and memory foam but is never hot or constricting

Transition Layer

Open cell foam provides continuous air flow and low motion transfer for a clean, quiet sleep



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Cooling in cover  
Customizeable cooling  
Queen size under $990  
Shipping to your doorstep  

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What The Experts are Saying

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  • “A great solution for getting a good night’s sleep is the Tanda mattress. Affordable and customizable, it offers a comfortably cool sleep experience with a brand new cooling technology. I’m sitting on one right now and I can tell you I must be the coolest girl in the city today as this feels great!”

    ~ Shopping expert Trae Bodge
  • Noted Sleep Medicine Specialist and author of The Doctor’s Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress & Anxiety, says key to a commitment to a more restful sleep is creating the best environment. And one of the most important elements is temperature. “It has been proven that a drop in body temperature is a key signal to the body to enter sleep,” he says. “The cooling technology featured in the Tanda mattress triggers that response not only helping to induce sleep, but also helping the body stay asleep throughout the night.”

    ~ Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg, Sleep Medicine Specialist